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Company Info.

Your Logo or Company Name:

At the top of the page is a place for your logo and/or company name.  If you use a graphic with your logo, be sure to link it to the "home" page.  Most people who surf the web are used to clicking on logos to go back to your home page.

About Themes and Templates:

FrontPage themes are collections of graphics, color information, and font specifications that can then be applied to a web page.  The graphics for buttons, bullets, rules, and page background are predefined.  The colors and fonts for headings, buttons, text, and hyperlinks are also predefined.  Themes do not include the actual page design, they only define the elements which can be used within the page design.  This is why we include page and/or web templates.

Page templates provide a way for you to get the page layout design.  When you use a page template, FrontPage creates a new page based on the page template's design layout.  You may then save this new page into your web and edit the content.

Web templates are a collection of pages that predefine a web site, including the navigation structure.  You may use a web template to create a FrontPage web, then change the navigation structure and content to fit your own needs.

Search Engines:

When you publish your web site, you will want to get it listed in the major search engines and directories.  Our templates are "meta tag ready".  To add your own unique page description and keyword content, right click on the page and select Page Properties.  In the window that appears, click on the Custom tab.  Under "user variables", locate the description item and then click the modify button.  Add your own page description.  Next click on the keyword item, click the modify button, and add your keywords and phrases.

It normally takes 1 week to 2 months for your site to be listed.  You will want to research each search engine and directory to see how long it will take and what kind of criteria they use to rank their sites.  For best results, submit every 2-3 months.

We also suggest to visit www.selfpromotion.com for some great tips on submitting to the search engines.

Screen Resolutions:
We have formatted the tables so that the pages will expand and contract depending on the viewer's screen resolution.  If you wish to change the layout, some knowledge about basic table structures and properties is required.
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Home | Company Information | Products | Services | Support