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Welcome fellow patriots and minutemen. This new site has been created for armed citizens and survivalists alike. The mission of this site is to act as a early warning system for those who are prepared for a coming national crisis.

To be a part of this system, you must provide your contact information and be sure to check into this site daily. All information given will be private and secure from any outside eyes. Details of this security will be given to those who will sign up.

If a member of this site fails to check in at a set time frame, a contact will be made to you to make sure you and your family are in good health. In the event something has happened to you, or your family, we will immediately contact other people who may be able to help you, and post your story over a wide area to make sure fellow patriots know exactly what is happening to one of our own.

Be advised, if tragedy happens as a result of direct and proven illegal activity, we will drop you from our rosters and no assistance will be given.

Details of how this system works and it's guidelines will be e-mailed to those who will join. In the event of a national crisis, a clear and visible warning will be posted on this site, and personal calls will be made to each member.

Being prepared to react at a moment's notice will be your only responsibility.

There will be many other features added frequently to this site, such as: News, message forums, links to equipment and deals, and anything else of use to the patriot.

All members have a say in what they want to see added to this site, so if a member has an idea, let me know about it, and we will get to posting it as a service on here. This is not a one man's website, it is everyone's. God Bless all of you and may you and your family be safe.


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